The Pushkin museum-reserve holds the collections of paintings, drawings, applied art, documents, photos, rare books, archaeological items and also small collections of icons, coins, sculpture and arms. The documents include some on the history of Mikhailovskoye (18th and 19th cent.) and the organization of the Pushkin reserve in the 1920s and 1930s, manuscript copies of literary works, and the personal archives of members of staff and other persons connected with the museum-reserve.

The museum-reserve started its collection in 1899 displaying separate items, presented by the visitors of the Pushkin corner, in the log hut reading room at the Svyatogorsky Monastery. Completing the museum collection scientifically began during preparation for the 100th anniversary from the date of Alexander Pushkins death and to opening of the museum in 1937. To this occasion many items of painting, drawing, applied art, documents and books had been collected. The core of the pre-war collection consisted of different things from Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye and Petrovskoye, owned by Pushkin and his friends.

Unfortunately, almost all was lost within the period of the Second World War. The inventory, including everything that had been lost, made in February of 1943, has been preserved.

Works on restoring the house of the poet in Mikhailovskoye and "the small nannys house", which were burnt down and destroyed, the Svyatogorsky monastery, seriously damaged during the war, were started in 1945 1946. Also during this time work on recompleting the museum collections begins.

The items given by the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom) of the Soviet Academy of Sciences were the core of the museum collection. Among them there were the things from the museum of Mikhailovskoye, taken out by fascists. They were found in Latvia in 14 boxes, then from Moscow they were given to Leningrad and later to the Pushkin, museum-reserve.

Among the returned items there is a blotting pad of Praskovia Osipova, samovar used for serving tea, a picture of an unknown painter of the 18th century from Trigorskoye, two candlesticks, a mantelpiece clock, a candelabrum, a clay flask of the 17th century, the Pushkins portrait by Geitman, Brunis lithograph Pushkin in the coffin, the portraits of Alexander I, Gannibals and Pushkins, Zhukovsky, Vyazemsky, Yazykov, Odoyevsky, Arendt, Bulgarin, Bestuzhev, the engravings by S. Galaktionov, the lithographs from the album Views of Pskov and its surroundings by Alexandrov, books with a stamp The State Pushkin corner, pictures by B. Scherbakov.

Nowadays the collection of the Pushkin museum-reserve consists of 45 000 items. Among them 33 000 belong to the basic collection, 12 000 supplementary collection.

Decorative and Applied Art Collection

Collection of Old Russian Painting, Numismatics, Arms and Precious Metal Wares

Rare Books Collection

Painting and Graphics

Documents Collection

Photo Collection